Location: Where History Meets the Future.

Winnipeg is a city steeped in history, and none less so than Winnipeg’s historical Exchange District. Recognized as a National Historic Site, this world famous area that was known as “The Flats” in the mid 1800’s, was built during Winnipeg’s boom, a period of frenzied real-estate speculation and construction that peaked in 1882. Known throughout North America for its Chicago-style buildings, The Exchange District was the centre of commerce in western Canada but only lasted until the outbreak of World War I.

Due to its decreased importance as a financial district, many of the historic buildings in The Exchange were converted, from the late 1970s onwards, into art galleries, boutiques, antique shops and restaurants. The Exchange is also one of the city’s principal cultural centres, home to such buildings as the Centennial Concert Hall, Manitoba Theater Centre, Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Pantages Playhouse Theatre and various other art and cultural venues spread throughout the area.

More recently, the three levels of government have banded together and invested over nine million dollars to re-develop some of the Exchange’s underused property along the riverfront. This lead to the creation of the new Waterfront Drive. This new area, right in the heart of The Exchange District’s very beginnings, offers incredible vistas of Winnipeg’s downtown skyline, the river and the wonderfully landscaped Stephen Juba Park. This “jewel-like”, but still not totally polished new area, is fast developing a bright new future complete with hundreds of new condominium homes, cafes, restaurants, convenience/specialty foods boutiques and other amenities that make downtown living so easy and desirable.

“The Excelsior Condominiums” is located at the heart of this vibrant new community right on the corner of Bannatyne Avenue and the new Waterfront Drive. This was the location of The Exchange’s birth and The Excelsior is destined to become a new landmark for this old historic site. Its architectural mix of the old and new is the perfect blend, bridging The Exchange’s past with its bright new future. And The Excelsior's spacious city homes with their ten-foot high ceilings, panoramic seven-foot high windows, quality concrete and steel construction providing privacy and quietness, offer a solid investment for years to come.

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